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We bring you just a glimpse of what went down at this years Shotshow 2020. We could fill an entire issue of all the great products, services, events and indivuduals that made this such an awesome convention. Although not everything we have here is California legal, it sure caught our eye. From the Deadfoot Arms brass knuckled up AK47, to a futuristic 12 gauge that was featured in the latest Terminator flick. Some of the Cali legal goodies were the Kalishnakov Kali P9, Rock Island VR80,  and the Century Arms new Galill based AK model out this year. We also met some cool Ca. based companies like Rubber Dummies, Armaspec, Slide Belt and KWA Airsoft all of whom are repping some top notch products. All-in all look forward to next years SHOTSHOW 2021

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