50 Shades of FDE

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If you’re on Instagram, you may already follow me. If not, make sure that you do! A little about myself, I am born and raised here in California. My parents were immigrants from the Vietnam war and therefore I am a First Generation American. My childhood didn’t involve guns whatsoever other than seeing them in movies and TV.

My interest in firearms started around highschool by going to the range with my best friend and his father. It was fun and I had a better understanding and respect for guns. When I turned 18, I bought my first firearm, a pump action shotgun. At 21, I purchased my first pistol and not long after that, I started my career in Law Enforcement. 

With my experience as a responsible gun owner and Law Enforcement Officer, I decided  to share my knowledge with other like-minded members in 2A and Law Enforcement communities.

I write product reviews for guns and gear on my blog www.fiftyshadesoffde.com as well as a few other publications such as www.breachbangclear.com 

More important than the products is the training aspect. I train as much as my schedule allows. If you use firearms for self defense and especially if you’re an officer, you can never have enough training.

I am a huge proponent for concealed carry by responsible members of the community. I know that as a LEO, we’re responding to incidents and are minutes out while the people that are there are their own first responders and if equipped with the right tools and training have a chance to stop the threat and survive the event.

I plan on sharing my knowledge and experience here at CALGUNR Magazine. 

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