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How was Kaos Concealment born?

Kaos grew out of Havok Airsoft. In 2011 my wife and I opened an indoor airsoft field in Bakersfield, CA. I had always had an interest in holsters after seeing some displayed at a friend of mines store(Code Red Airsoft) and began researching how to make them. Once we began making more holsters we began doing gun shows and LEO events that led us to close up the airsoft field and make our priority holster making. 

What sets Kaos Concealment apart from other holster systems?

As a concealed carrier myself and shooting enthusiast I have always been the person who had boxes of holsters. Even in the airsoft world. My goal as a company is to design simple low profile holsters that fit most anyone’s need for daily carry. Most holster makers offer a holster that fits either left handed shooters or right handd shooters. One for ccw and one for the range. We have been able to incorporate all of these features into our holsters thus making our holsters stand apart from anyone else.

What firearms do you make holsters for currently?

We currently make firearms for all of the most popular models including Glock, Sig, 1911, and Smith and Wesson. 

What steps do you take to make sure your product is of utmost quality?

Each holster is designed using computer software which allows us to accurately adjust any molds before they are cut. Every holster in our Fusion line of holsters is Vacuumed formed and Cnc cut for accuracy. Each holster is then hand finished by our staff buffing and sanding smooth any rough and sharp edges. Each holster is then individually hand bent over either a real gun or mold and hand revited. After which we use the same mold or gun to test each holster for draw. Once the holster has been buffed and checked we add our Quick clip… 

You’ve been in business for a while now, what have you learned since you first started?

Since we first started we learned that customer feedback is invaluable. We could have stopped doing gun shows years ago. As I have seen in recent years the gun show circuit is dying down, however, it is at these shows that I get to interact directly with consumers to hear their needs, feedback and what they may or may not like in our holsters or competitors. I have also learned that I need to keep true to our goal of designing holsters according to our idea that we want to accommodate all shooters and their needs in one holster. Without this we would be making holsters like everyone else.

Has the current california firearms legal landscape affected business?

When I first started gun shows I saw huge events and venues. Costa Mesa gun show in Orange County was filled to the brim of vendors. With the implemtnation of the California roster of handguns I saw a shortage of sales for guns not on the list. I also have seen less people in attendance at gun shows. Since seeing all of this I have begun to add in more Law Enforcement Events and trainings. These events have given me a larger insight to the needs of LEO and citizens.

Any tips on what type holster someone should select when in the market whether it is a newb or seasoned shooter?

I make kydex holsters but always tell the shooter to buy something that works for them and is comfortable. That may be leather or nylon. I do also mention that is how you end up with a box of holsters and at the end of the day most people end their search for holsters with kydex because it just works. Picking a holster is like anything else. You want it to be reliable like your firearm.

Where can we find kaos concealment products currently?

On our website, Amazon sold through CDC Tactical with Prime and various stores throughout the USA. Contact us for a location near you.

Where can people find you online and on social media?

www.kaosconcealment.com @kaosconcealment

Facebook Kaos concealment holsters

Any last words?

Our goal has always been to create holsters that fit everyone’s needs and scenarios. Our motto of “one holster, endless possibilities” has been something we live by when thinking about new holsters even as we begin to cater more to our law enforcement family. Our future looks bright as we begin to move towards gear(bags, belts, and clothing.


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