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We’ve all seen the intricately engraved pieces of art on wheels we call lowriders, whether it be in person, magazines, or television for well over 2 decades now. One of the individuals who’s killed it the lowrider game is Hernan D’Aloia. We sat down for quick interview and chopped it up about his career in engraving.

Tell us a little about Hernan, the family man, the engraver and the entrepreneur?
I have been engraving for 21 years (18 years self employed). Still learning everyday something new in my industry. At Engrave It(tm) we provide not only Hand Engraving but also Laser Engraving to all our customers. I am very fortunate & thankful for the continued support of my wife & 2 sons. We as a business will keep expanding every year more.

Was it hard starting out?
Yes it was hard starting out because i was self taught and no one wanted to share any information on how to engrave.

What types of engraving do you do?
I offer engraving style per customer request.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the engraving world?

We’ve got the entire story in the upcoming issue of CALGUNR Magazine

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