Straight Shot Barber Shop: Santa Ana, California : 3/1/2023

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Straight Shot Barber

Barber & Firearm enthusiast, Vidayl Perez shooting it straight in Santa Ana

When you walk into Straight Shot Barbers located in the heart of Downtown Santa Ana you immediately get the feeling that this is a gun friendly barber shop. From the prop Tommy Gun to all the firearm decorations spread through out the shop to the bulls eye in the Straight Shot logo.

Vidayl grew up in the Santa Ana not to far from where his shop is located. He started cutting hair in high school just for friends and family. Noticing the great response, he decided to open the shop in 2020 and has grown it to where it is now. We asked how the name “Straight Shot” barber came about and the response was…“I got the name from my motto Do it Once Do it Right One Straight Shot!” He jokes that the name also lends itself for his love of “taking shots”Mescal.

Viydal has a love for shooting and gets out multiple times a years. While he enjoys desert shooting with his kids he makes sure he gets in time at least once a month at the local indoor range.  He teaches his kids the proper handling safety and he says about his kids “they love dads guns” and that they cant wait until they reach the age to own their own guns. Vidayl says his favorite firearm is a 38 Super that was a gift from his dad. We asked about his wish list of firearms would love to own, he says he would love to own a fully auto AK47, full auto .308 Scar and a .50 cal. We think he will have to wait a little bit for that here in Cali but a great list none the less.

Vidayl says most of his customers who come get a cut are big gun people and that he has had no negative feedback about his firearm themed barber shop. Loving his community, neighbors, customers and city, Vidayl says his plans are to not go any where any time soon and provide customers with great service and be an integral part of Downtown Santa Ana all while enjoying and promoting our 2nd Amendment right.


Company Name: Straight Shot Barbers
Address: 118 E Fourth St, Santa Ana, CA 92701,
Social Media: @straightshotbarber

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