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CALGUNR had the opportunity to sit and chat with Chuck and Justin of Rifle Supply about their C10 Era build, and how they ended up working together…not only at Rifle Supply, but on this particular build. 
Their answers were almost as entertaining as their dynamic.
 CG: How’d you come up with the C10 build? How did that come about?
Justin: Raul came in and he was a friend of one of our friends from ‘Relaxed Atmosphere,’ the car club. And he’s like, “I want to do something that matches. [my truck]” I pretty much dumped it off on Chuck and said, “let’s do something really cool for this.” And it kind of went from there. He’s [Raul] super pro 2A, so he wanted to support the shop. He trusted us to just do the build, and he gave us full reign on it. He just gave us some pieces and said, “do whatever’s going to look cool on that.”
CG: So what was the thought process, exactly?  Take us from start to finish. And how long did it take?
 We got the answer and more in the upcoming issue of CALGUNR Magazine.

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