JANZ .357 Revolver

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Tell us, what made you pick up this awesome Janz .357?
Thirteen years ago I read a book detailing small arms with a one page summary on the janz revolver.  In 2015 I visited the shot show and met Till Hezel at the Janz revolver booth, he put on a demonstation of changing the barrels and calibers.  The revolvers looked phenomenal, the fit, finish, and build quality were something I hadn’t seen previously.  I also spent time at the Korth booth looking at their revolvers. I have shot and carried many smith and Wesson revolvers via competition, recreation, and work as a law enforcement officer for two decades which made me quite familiar with revolvers.  Additionally I was able to learn a great deal from our last police armorer who specialized in revolvers before his retirement.

You mentioned you are a LEO, its apparent you have plenty of firearms experience, how would you describe this Janz revolver in terms of build quality, accuracy and feel?
When my order arrived my FFL sent me photos with the caption, “I don’t think my camera is good enough to convey how nice a gun this is.” I picked the revolver up and was blown away it was a work of art.  The gun comes with a beautiful wood paneled locking carry case which includes a screw driver with two different heads for sight and trigger adjustments. The heads are fit exactly to the gun.  I immediately went to the local gun club and put 400 rounds of 38 special thru the gun.

Any special modifications done since you first purchased it?
I have not made any modifications to the gun, it simply does not need any.  The guns trigger is adjustable independent of the mainspring and has a handy gauge on the right side which tells you roughly where your at in terms of weight. Theres nothing more I could want with this gun.

If someone were to offer you a dollar amount for this, what would that number be?
If someone offered me a dollar amount for the gun I would simply say no.  When I purchased the gun Till at Janz told me your going to be the only one who has this revolver with the blue plasma finish. Its one of a kind and not something I would not part with.  The gun is definitely an eye catcher at the range, theirs nothing else like it.

We see you have a very nice collection going, any plans to add other special pieces in the future?
I don’t have any plans to purchase another janz revolver. (I am very happy with this one.)  My next purchase will be a Blaser R 8 rifle in left handed but that’s another story for another time.

Any last words?
The Janz is an incredible revolver and carries an incredible price tag to match. If you love revolvers and have the opportunity to acquire one you will not be disappointed.

We appreciate you taking the time and showing our readers your amazing Janz .357!


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