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You’ve hear the old saying “everyones got a story” well this Desert Eagles got a story of its own.

Tell us how the F#CK FAKE .44 came to be?
My father purchased a DE .44 Mag in Gold along with a lifetime membership to the NRA for me on my 16th birthday.    17 Years later when he passed, there was confusion as to whom the pistol belonged to (was still in my fathers house) Rather than start a feud or argue over a dead mans material I decided to take the matter into my own hands.  Purhcased a “Black DE.44Mag” (Gold is not California Compliant) This is where I turned to my friend Hernan at Engrave it.  Rather than just do the gold plating, I decided to have it fully hand engraved make the pistol a tribute to my late father.

 How many rounds have been put down range with this .44?
As of now 0 but I am reloading 10 rounds with his ashes.  I will fire it ONE TIME only sending a piece of him alongside the bullet.  Pistol will then get mounted and hung with the other 9 rounds and his ashes still in the magazine

Any special modifications done other than plating and engraving, if not, any plans in store to make this even more of a beast?
It was torn completely down and stripped to bare metal.  Engraved then Gold/Chrome Plated.  Has a hand made walnut grip from Turkey

If someone were to offer you a dollar amount for this, what would that number be?

We got the answer and more in the upcoming issue of CALGUNR Magazine.

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