Hand-To-Hand: with United Defense Tactical : 3/2/2023

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Distance is the Rule
Don’t let your gun become their gun!
In our first issue we had the chance to sit down with Wes from United Defense Tactical and learn about how UDT trains not only in static environments but more in a dynamic setting that is more realistic. This intrigued us to come back for our “hand-to-hand” section and get a taste of some real world training. It’s one thing to stand at a range a all day and draw your gun over and over again, its a total different ball game when you have some one running full speed at you who has only the worst intentions. When we asked Wes to explain a little about what we were doing this day this is what he had to say… “When you put some one who has only trained in static situations and put them in a dynamic scenario, they simply cant do something they haven’t trained for. They arent moving, the target isnt moving, theres no pressure, its completely unrealistic. It creates an issue of a false sense of security. You need to train to access your firearm in a high-pressure situation with movement to create space for those few seconds that can save your life. If you’re not moving, you’re potentially dying. A real gunfight is dynamic, and you need to manage the distance to survive.
Step 1 – Using your left hand (or the closest hand) redirect the pistol away from you while simultaneously moving your body the opposite direction to get the maximum amount of distance away from the pistol.    

Step 2 – Strike the bad guy with the other hand to the throat to chin while still moving out of his immediate line of fire.
 Step 3 – Establish control of the weapon with both hands. If needed, use kicks to the attackers groin or knees to soften them up.
 Step 4 – Once you’ve gained control of the weapon, disarm by taking a big step away from the attacker and yanking the pistol (pointing the barrel away from you) to your hip. This must be one strong, fast action, similar to pull-starting a lawn mower or swinging a baseball bat, to ensure the pistol is removed from their hand.


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