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How did United Defense get it’s start? 

United Defense Tactical came from the need to have reality based dynamic training available to civilians, military and law enforcement.  Static, no-pressure shooting, focusing on paper targets is about as unrealistic as it gets, and almost in no way prepares you for a real self-defense situation.  We also teach close quarter combatives (self-defense).  I have an instructor background in a variety of martial arts, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Gracie Survival Tactics for Law Enforcement, ICS, Krav Maga, Rapid Assault Tactics (developed for SEAL team 6) and other close quarter combat systems.  With the high level of firearms, combatives and self-defense training experience that instructors have, we were able to put together something really unique that does not exist anywhere else.  

What’s your history in the firearms industry?

We have been positively impacting the industry with elite reality based training and private security for over a decade. We have trained thousands of civilians, law enforcement, military and first responder students. Additionally, I have run over 20 security sites and dozens of executive protection and security teams. Personally, I have been around guns my whole life, but was fortunate to get advanced reality based training with former SEAL and MARSOC operators/ instructors, in addition to being a firearms and tactics instructor.  I have also trained with some world champion shooters, namely J.J .Racaza and Robert Vogel. 

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